For our three-year anniversary, we introduce another CIELO service: Magical Hair! 

Choose from our colorful selection of high-quality feathers or tinsel. We attach the extensions with a microbead for a long-lasting result, right in our shop with no appointment needed. Groups are welcome! 


Hair Feathers $12-24

Hair Tinsel $8-32

Care Instructions and FAQs:

  • CIELO Hair Tinsel and Feathers are very durable and can withstand gentle washing and styling with heat up to 375 degrees.
  • Be sure to use care when brushing and washing your hair so that you don’t tug on the extensions. If the extensions fall out within three days, we will be happy to redo the service at no charge.
  • Microbeads that match your hair color are used for these extensions, and they will grow out with your hair with proper care.
  • If you want to remove them, they can be squeezed open with any kind of plier, or cut with scissors.

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