CIELO means "heaven" in Spanish. Monica Berry is the creative designer, founder, and owner, and her Guatemalan momma calls her "Cielo"! (It rhymes with "yellow".)

(Pictured: CIELO handmade clothing and Moon Warmers in 2017.)

CIELO the brand started in 2001 in NYC when Monica taught herself to draft patterns and sew with library books and a used sewing machine, using beautiful sari fabric from local shops near her Queens apartment. After moving back to Iowa, she began designing and sewing apparel for women and children and selling at local markets in 2016. She also invented the Moon Warmers™ products during this time, which are hot/cold therapy packs filled with flax seed and a special fragrant herb blend. Not coincidentally, 2016 was the year she got sober from alcohol, which opened up a whole new world of hope and momentum.

cielo face masks

(Pictured: CIELO handmade face masks)

When the pandemic hit, Monica and a team of seven sewers created, donated and sold thousands of beautiful face masks.

In addition to selling online and at many local markets, CIELO was a successful wholesale operation from 2016-2023, manufacturing and selling Moon Warmers and other custom self-care products to other shops all over the country.

cielo coralville iowa

CIELO the shop opened in the Iowa River Landing District in Coralville, Iowa in the Fall of 2021. In the Fall of 2023, the second CIELO shop opened in the Ped Mall in Iowa City. Soft and comfy clothing, sassy gifts, luxurious self-care products, sweet decor and so much more fill the shops. Plus our signature Everlasting Jewelry (a fun take on permanent jewelry) and Magical Hair services (colorful feather and tinsel hair accessories) add to the fun experience of visiting our space. Come take pictures with your friends anytime- we love it!

Monica's partner, Tom Ferguson, quit his day job and joined the team full-time to help in 2023, and his daughter Deanna helps to manage the shops. 

Thank you for supporting this Latina-owned business! At CIELO, we believe in collaborating, connecting and elevating other small businesses, creating a great work environment for our staff, and infusing some kindness and whimsy into the world. 

Contact Monica directly at cieloclothing@gmail.com with any questions, comments or concerns- or message us on any of our social media channels. We do appreciate engagement with our posts and sharing the word about this little business. 

-Monica, Tom and the CIELO Team

monica berry cielo