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Comfort goods

Here at CIELO, we choose beautiful and simple things to bring comfort and relaxation to your everyday life. The world is stressful! Find your piece of heaven.

the nourishment your skin is craving

Comfort Balm Set

Cielo | Heavenly Goods

Comfort Balm Set


Our nourishing Comfort Balms were formulated for natural daily skin care. They are made locally at a farm in Fairfield, Iowa using their own herbs.

Restful Blend has calming chamomile flowers, lavender flowers and lavender oil to pair aromatherapy with your nighttime moisturizing routine. 

Soothing Blend is a delightfully tingly blend of comfrey and chamomile flowers along with spearmint oil for itchy, tight skin.

The set of balms come packaged together in a linen bag.

bestselling hot/cold therapy packs


Moon Warmers™ Neck Wraps, Therapy Packs and Eye Pillows: Give the gift of heavenly comfort to yourself and your loved ones. Handmade with love in Iowa.

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