Top Five Ways I Use My Moon Warmer

Moon Warmers come as Eye Pillows or Neck Wraps and are the self care products you didn’t know were missing from your life! After six years of listening to my customers and using them myself, they have evolved into what they are today. Read on to see the ways that Moon Warmers add comfort and relaxation to my daily life and the life of my customers. 

Nighttime Ritual

Every evening as I am winding down for the night, I grab my Neck Wrap and heat it up. It provides targeted warmth, perfect neck support and aromatherapy for when I want to read a book, watch a show, scroll through my phone or journal. My body recognizes the warmth and aroma as a time for relaxation and peaceful sleep. It's a soothing ritual.


I just started getting migraines in my 40’s! I was not prepared for the pounding pain or full body exhaustion. Now, I keep an Eye Pillow in my freezer at all times- just in case a migraine comes out of nowhere. Eye Pillows were designed by me to be over sized so that they will hit the temples, upper forehead and cheekbones. The full pound of flax give some much needed pressure to the area for fast relief. 

Cold Feet 

Iowa Winters. They are a nightmare. UNLESS you have the tools to rest in comfort. One trick is to heat up an Eye Pillow for 1-2 minutes and place on cold feet under the blankets. When your feet are warm, the cold doesn’t seem so bad. 

Computer Work

The unique design on my Neck Wraps are made for sitting up and walking around. What better way to soothe neck and shoulder muscles from computer work than to heat up a Neck Wrap and use it during the workday? The relaxing scent of chamomile, lavender and peppermint will also help to calm frazzled nerves and stress. Plus, the soft scent is unlikely to bother sensitive neighbors.

Menstrual Cramps

Both Eye Pillows and Neck Wraps can be draped on any part of the body for soothing hot or cold therapy. I throw an Eye Pillow in my work bag for pain relief wherever I am working or traveling to. At home, I heat a Neck Wrap, with it’s added size and weight, to drape on my lower back (I have those annoying back cramps too). 

There you have it! My products last for years and I hope they will help you as much as they help me. 

May you have so much comfort,