Origin Story of the Kimono Shrugs

I have been making apparel for 18 years, starting when I taught myself to sew at 22 years old in New York City. I wish I had pictures of those first creations, which were made out of gorgeous sari fabric from my Pakistani neighborhood in Long Island City. At my first Downtown Cedar Rapids Farmers Market season, I sold 50's inspired cotton dresses with full skirts. Then several lines of baby clothing and various women's skirts and dresses. Throughout it all, I was dreaming of a garment that would fit a large variety of women and would not require a dressing room. 
At the same time, I learned more and more about my sensitivities to light, sound, and touch. My skin is highly reactive to scratchy tags and certain fabrics. I realized that so much of my clothing is very soft and I remove the tags.  My social anxiety is soothed when I have a piece of clothing that covers me up or that I can wrap myself in, like a big scarf. 
Thus, the Kimono (inspired by Kimonos) was born! I tried out a few styles and settled on a design with 3/4 unstructured sleeves, on the longer side and with a loose shape to hang beautifully on the body. Anyone who wears a size Small to 3X can wear the kimonos. I hope you love them as much as I do. I wear them several times a week and I love searching for the coziest and softest fabrics for every season.
May you be comfortable and cozy!