Do you have a handmade product to sell? Would you like to learn how to create and manufacture products in the USA or overseas? Is there a business you would love to launch? Crafters, online and brick and mortar shop owners, artists, and more can benefit from my coaching- and immediately. 

CIELO has gone from a part-time business to a joyful, connected, and abundant business that employs local women and sells all over the country. I support myself and answer only to myself. My mission is to help you become financially independent of a boring, unstable or unfulfilling job.

Learn the secrets to creating the business you dream of or scale an existing business. My coaching can involve improving photography at your home, advertising tricks, networking, social network strategies, confidence building, packaging, order fulfillment and how to set up and sell effectively at markets.

I will teach you how to fast track your small business in a patient yet empowering way.

Contact Monica at for a free consultation. You can start earning the money you need sooner than you think!